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Hanna Griffiths is an international award-winning actor, producer and filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia. Best known for championing high-integrity artists across multiple creative and production roles.


Recognized by Women in Film Los Angeles as the "Breakout Producer" of 2021, and by Pinewood Studios London as a "Best Female Filmmaker" of 2022. Hanna shepherded independent films AMERICAN CHERRY and THE SINNERS to successful completion by first-time female feature directors, picking up numerous accolades, including the Cannes, Jury Prize award for "Best Picture" and "Best YA Drama" at the Berlin Film Festival.

In celebration of International Women's Day, The Hollywood Reporter featured Hanna as one of "Twelve Women" to watch for her work with Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios, RSA Films, Untitled Entertainment, Foxtel and more, on film and television projects promoting equity, empowerment and diverse expression.

Known for acting roles on highly-acclaimed Australian television shows UNDERBELLY and RUSH, Hanna recently won "Best Picture" and "Best Supporting Actress" awards at the Sydney Womens International Film Festival for AMERICAN CHERRY, shot on Kodak film by the new-renaissance cinematographer Gus Bendinelli, directed by Marcella Crytrynowicz.

Hanna began acting as a teenager in theatre productions and starred with Olivia Newton-John in a series of Nintendo television commercials which led to a life-long mentorship. Hanna worked alongside the beloved late entertainer-advocate at the Liv Aid foundation and at the ONJ Cancer Research Foundation. 

Under the banner of Entertainment Company Blinded by Rainbows, Hanna has acquired the rights to adapt award-winning novels and extraordinary life stories, and is developing film and television projects offering key opportunities for First Australians and visionary artists to cultivate new stratospheres of storytelling. 


Ever-awed by exquisite craft, Hanna is enamored with formats, lenses and vintage filters as she searches for unique and diverse image-makers whose tales she will share on this website.

Not one to shy away from challenges, the girl who rode to national prominence in the Garyowen dressage competition has now taken up the medieval art of mounted archery - accurately shooting a bow and arrow from a galloping horse with no hands on the reins.

Stay tuned! Life is a chromatic ride. 

by R Huston (w.g.a)


SPA Ones To Watch, Cohort (2022)

Covent Garden, Winner (2022)

Portland, Nominee (2022)

Rolling Ideas, Winner (2022)

Vimeo Awards, Winner (2022)

Travel Fest, Nominee (2022)

Lift-off Pinewood London, Nominee (2022)

LA Cinematography Awards, Winner (2022)

Malibu Film, Nominee, (2022)

SWIFF Awards, Winner (2021)

Dallas Movie Awards, Winner (2021)

Universal Film, Winner (2021)

Austin International, Winner (2021)

Fayetteville Film, Winner (2021)

London New Wave, Winner (2021)

Boston Independent, Nominee (2021)

LA Independent, Winner (2021)

Toronto Independent, Winner (2021)

Cannes International Cinema, Winner (2021)

Hollywood Golden Age,  Winner (2021)

Los Angeles Women in Film, Winner (2021)

The Cut Film Series, Nominee (2021)

LA Indies, Winner (2021)

New York Cinematography Awards, Winner (2021)

Miami Indie Film Awards, Winner (2021)

Toronto International Women in Film, Winner (2021)

Berlin International, Winner (2021)

Chicago Film Awards, Winner (2021)

Montreal Independent, Honorable (2021)

TMFF, Winner (2021)

Summit Creative, Nominee (2021)

Lift-off Pinewood, Nominee (2020)

Newark International, Winner (2021)

Toronto Women in Film, Nominee (2020)

Canadian Diversity, Nominee, (2020)

Heartland International, Nominee (2020)

Edmonton Internation, Nominee (2020)

Dumbo, Nominee (2020)

Toronto Independent, Winner (2020)

Leo Awards, Nominee (2020)

Catalina International, Winner (2020)

Canadian Cinematography Awards, Winner (2020)

Fantaspoa International, Nominee (2020)

Fright Fest, Nominee (2020)

Women in Horror, Nominee (2020)

Toronto Spring of Horror & Fantasy, Nominee (2020)

Mammoth, Nominee (2020)

Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Winner (2019)

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