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The Sinners - Sells Worldwide

Exciting News: "The Sinners" Finds North American Home with Brainstorm Media in Exclusive Deal!

Get ready for the ultimate teenage cult thriller, as The Sinners makes its way to North America in an exclusive deal with Brainstorm Media. The film, directed by Courtney Paige and co-written by Paige, Erin Hazlehurst, and Madison Smith, follows a group of young women who start a cult where each member must embody one of the seven deadly sins.

Leading the cast are Kaitlyn Bernard, Brenna Llewellyn, and Brenna Coates, who bring their A-game in this gripping tale of power, friendship, and corruption. And now, thanks to Arclight Films, North American audiences will get to experience the thrill for themselves.

hanna griffiths teen cult thriller sells
The Sinners

Laura Rister Untitled Entertainment negotiated the deal with Arclight Films on behalf of the producers. Siena Oberman, Hanna Griffiths, Taylor St Pierre, Samantha Thomas, and Alan MacFarlane served as producers. The enthralling teen cult thriller has been met with critical acclaim. The film premiered at the Mammoth Film Festival, was nominated for 5 Leo Awards, and has been selected for numerous film festivals, including Heartland, Edmonton and Catalina Film Festival.

Managing director Gary Hamilton announced the deal, which includes licensing of "The Sinners" in two major territories, Australia and Japan. Defiant has acquired the rights for Australia, while AT Entertainment has taken the Japanese rights. This comes as no surprise, given the film's already-established international appeal.

Brainstorm Media has also set a release date of February 19 for The Sinners. With Signature Entertainment already acquiring UK rights, the film is already gaining momentum ahead of its release.

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