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Stack Magazine - Interview

Producing Female Filmmakers, and Working in Hollywood.

Sitting down with Stack Magazine's Gill Pringle to discuss her latest film, The Sinners, which was released in the US and Canada earlier this year. Directed by Courtney Paige and produced by Hanna, the film follows a group of teenage girls who are accused of committing a series of mysterious murders in their small town.

During the interview, we talked about her journey in the film industry, starting with her work for a prominent LA production company where she learned the craft of film production from the ground up. We also discussed the importance of empowering female filmmakers and encouraging them to tell stories about girls in lead roles.

I think it's important for females to see that they can write a script with girls in lead roles and it can sell worldwide.

We also talked about her experience working with director Courtney Paige on The Sinners, praising her vision and creative approach to the film. The Sinners has received critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike, with many praising the film's dark and moody atmosphere, as well as its strong performances from the cast.

Continuing to work on new projects, she remains committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the film industry, particularly for women and other underrepresented groups.

With The Sinners under her belt and several new projects in the works, including an upcoming film American Cherry, she poised to become a powerful advocate for diversity and inclusion in the film industry.

This interview with Stack Magazine provides a fascinating insight into the world of film production and the importance of female representation in the industry. With Indie darling, The Sinners already making waves, we can't wait to see what is in store for next.

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