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International Women’s Day

The girl gang is together to celebrate International Women's Day.

The holiday, which began in 1911, calls for gender parity around the world.

ERTH has introduced the #12Women project. Highlighting women that are successful in their own right, sharing the stories of their lives, trials and tribulations, awakening moments and how they became the women they are today. With the intent to send a message and bridge the gap to empower women worldwide. These stories and images continue to perpetuate Erth's commitment to making a positive impact within the community and around the globe, and the brand has partnered with #Unicef

Shot on Kodak #Super8 Film

DP: Chris Bagot

Stylist: Jesse Arifien

Creative Director: Nicole Trunfio

Hair: Glen Coco Oropeza

Make-up: Carly Fisher & Kate Synnott

Production Designer: Pamela Edmonds

Music: Curtis Harding - Face Your Fear - "Welcome to my world"

Video: Joy Collective Films

And many more

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