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Nike Play New - Girls Club

In the Play-New retelling of 'Find Your Greatness', from the female perspective, Nike is revisiting the international campaign that advanced the London, Olympics. Shinning a spotlight on the female perspective, with new attitudes for new times.

Was the revisit designed to combat toxic masculinity in sports or was the female version simply overlooked by filmmakers and marketing alike.

Girls are not commonly encouraged to pursue a serious professional career in sports if anything they could have a hobby and watch the boys play

In a series of sport-specific shorter films, designed to ignite conversation around how athletes everywhere find their own greatness by Hanna Griffiths.

The new advert features two female leads whose who are not professional athletes, there are no boys watching them, they are two women playing for fun, playing for themselves. The commonality is not focused on winning a competition but on how you play, using character as fuel to measure greatness.

Lift-Off Global is based at Pinewood Studios in the UK, the best platform for new voices. The festival is focused on global audiences, connecting them with a broad range of grass-routes indie film talent and emerging filmmakers. Launched in 2010 From a small cinema in North West London to the prestigious and beautiful screening rooms of Soho London, having entertained and stunned audiences with its continuous delivery of exceptional international work.

London Lift-off Global Runs: MONDAY 7th FEBRUARY 6pm GMT

Watch exclusively - Vimeo On Demand

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